Old Bazaar

One of the most recognizable places in Skopje is the Old Skopje Bazaar. It was so in the past, and so it is now. An interesting place for both hosts and tourists.

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The Old Skopje Bazaar is located in the area from the Stone Bridge to Bit-Pazar, and from Kale to the Serava River wich is a tributary of the Vardar River. In the immediate vicinity is the Stone Bridge that connects the Old Skopje Bazaar with Macedonia Square. It has always been an attractive space for all travelers and visitors to Skopje in the past.

When you hear “market”, you might think of classic stalls and shops but there is something beautiful and fascinating that will take your breath away. Of course there are stalls and shops, there are also restaurants with traditional and delicious cusine, interesting cafes, mosques, many jewelers and shops for shoes, clothes and much more. It is a veritable maze of treasures waiting to be explored.

The bazaar is open 24 hours, but the shops have different opening hours. Most open at 9 a.m., close around sunset, and some take a lunch break in the afternoon.

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